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June 13, 1997

       Saint Of The Day:

      St Anthony of Padua

Is the saint that many pray to when they've lost something, but no one seems to know how that custom began. "Probably," says one scholar, "because of some lost legend about St. Anthony." No wonder the legend was lost; it is a very old legend: Fernando de Bulhoes, which was the name St. Anthony was born with (he was Portuguese), lived almost a thousand years ago. He was born in 1190, and died in 1231. He was a contemporary of St. Francis of Assisi. Fernando entered the Augustinian Order as a young man, but joined the Franciscans at 30, when he took the name Anthony, and was sent on a mission to Morocco. He became ill there, and wound up in Italy, where he won great fame as a preacher and maker of converts. By 1226, he was ensconced in Padua, where he continued to preach, boldly and brilliantly, sparing no one in his attacks on corruption and worthlessness. (Priests do not do this, today, but columnists do. Maybe, if St. Anthony were alive today, he'd be a columnist, not a preacher.) In Padua, Friar Anthony worked for an end to debtors prisons. He also spent a good deal of time visiting those in prison, and he often liked to converse with the poor, and with heretics, too. He was canonized in 1232 by Pope Gregory IX, and declared a Doctor of the Church by Pope Pius XII in 1946. MODEL: There's something very honest about St. Anthony. He didn't seem to play it cool, or suffer fools gladly. That approach doesn't make a person automatically popular. But, sometimes, people need to be told the truth.

Your Birthday Today:

June 13
Day of Adventure

Metaphysical, Adventuresome, Talented

Risk-lover , Impractical, Idol-worshipping

Mind wanderer. If you were born on June 13, you are a dreamer and explorer. Ever since you were a kid, you've read and dreamed of adventures in distant lands. As an adult you may actually travel to foreign countries or investigate cultures, mythology and history through books and other media. More evolved, focused people born on June 13 make their dreams come true in their work while less ambitious types only fantasize. Ruled by the number 4 and the planet Uranus, you can be unconventional and erratic.

Can do. You are an optimist and often see your success in your head before it happens. Even if it doesn't happen, you feel ok because you know it could. This can lead to delusions, however, so that you occasionally need someone to slap you with reality.

Worshiper. Since you often dream the impossible, you admire others who attempt amazing feats. You can focus this worship on one hero past or present. When your hero happens to be a parent, your hopes and dreams can come crashing down when you realize this god-like person commits a human error. No one can be perfect forever, so you should learn to not idolize, for everyone's sake.

Keep moving. You are not happy when tied down to the same repetitive job for too long. You love to move, travel, see different things. Daredevil activities that push your technique and bravery to the limits are also enjoyable. Since you are always moving, you may overlook the daily chores of living.

Some advice: Don't have your head so far in the clouds you forget to watch out for yourself. Problems and setbacks can be cruel, but they are reality and must be dealt with. Try to take your lofty goals one small step at a time.

Also born on this day: Henry Crown (businessman, billionaire) Elisabeth Schumann (German soprano) Paul Lynde (comic actor) W.B. Yeats (Irish poet, mystic) Ally Sheedy (actress) Richard Thomas (actor, The Waltons) Don Budge (tennis champ) Christo (Bulgarian conceptual artist) Basil Rathbone (British actor) Dorothy Sayres (British detective story writer) Martha Washington (George's wife) Ali Khan (Pakistani heir, auto racer, playboy) Doc Cheatham (jazz trumpeter, singer)