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S A I N T S   &   B I R T H D A Y   P A G E

June 5, 1997

       Saint Of The Day:

        In observance of World         Environment Day

The World Campaign for the Biosphere calls on people the world over on this day to think about their responsibilities to the Biosphere, which is the only known source of life in the Universe, and our sole planetary life-support system. We humans are an integral part of that system, but we provide the principal threat to the system by the profligate ways we abuse it. There will be meetings today in Geneva, Switzerland, of the World Council for the Biosphere. For futher information: write Dr. Nicholas Polunin, President, The Foundation for Environmental Conservation, 7 Chemin Taverney, 1218 Grand-Saconex, Geneva, Switzerland.

Your Birthday Today:

June 5
Day of the Theorist

Active, Methodical, Witty

Nervous, Disordered, Perplexed

Explain yourself. If you were born on June 5, you have complex ideas about how the world works, but may have problems explaining them to others. To you it seems simple, straightforward. To those who don't grasp your concepts, you seem out of touch with reality. Ruled by the number 5 and the planet Mercury, you must control your impulsive nature.

Patience and eloquence. Although you seem to be in your own little world, communication is important to you. Being misunderstood just grates against your nerves. June 5 people who choose words carefully and patiently allow others to digest their intricate theories will be more successful. Less patient types just spew information out and expect their stunned audience to sort it out.

Your compulsive side. It makes you a bit of a perfectionist and a diehard competitor. You often drive so hard and make things so complex, you create problems where there are none. A big worrier, double- and triple-checking the lock before leaving your home is not uncommon. You prepare for any eventuality, covering every base so you don't look foolish later.

Some advice: Lighten up and learn to laugh at yourself. Slow down, think and simplify your thoughts before presenting them. Listen and look for body language cues that indicate others are confused.

Also born on this day: William Boyd (cowboy actor) David Wagoner (poet, novelist) Alfred Kazin (writer, critic) Margaret Drabble (British writer, editor) Tony Richardson (British director) John Maynard Keynes (British father of modern economics) John Couch Adams (British astronomer) Tommie Smith (US Olympic runner) Richard Scarry (writer of children's books) Floyd Taylor (researcher, psychologist) Laurie Anderson (singer, songwriter, violinist) Spalding Gray (storyteller, performance artist)