The First Electronic Church of America

S A I N T S   &   B I R T H D A Y   P A G E

June 8, 1997

       Saint Of The Day:

        Frank Lloyd Wright

was born on this day in Richland Center, Wisconsin, in 1869, and died 90 years later, on April 9, 1959, in Phoenix, Arizona. He was the most eminent architect of the 20th century. (He once admited in a court of law that he was, indeed, the world's greatest architect. "I was under oath," he explained later, with a straight face. He is a FECHA saint because he brought transcendence out of the most basic of human needs, the need for a roof over one's head. In his 90 years, Wright designed many a roof, and, under his influence, many a roof was designed by a host of other architects who followed Wright's lead. What was Wright's lead? He tried to bring families together by creating the so-called open-plan residence, something very akin to the suburban ranch house, a one-floor home with carport, no attic and no basement, an open floor plan, patio, bedroom wing, and a lot of glass. His aim: bringing families together would help reaffirm or re-establish ties that had been weakened by the centrifugal demands of urban and suburban living. Similarly, in his public buildings, Wright tried to create an atmosphere of purposeful unity and old-fashioned community, whether in the beautiful, shared workspace at the Johnson Wax Factory, or with the rhythmically repetitive articulation of offices at the Marin County Civic Center north of San Francisco. Wright objected to architectural authority symbols from the Old World. He believed the East to be mostly decadent and corrupt, so he built mostly in the Midwest and the West, "the real America." With Emerson and Thoreau, other FECHA saints, among his literary heroes, and Thomas Jefferson as his most admired statesman, Wright was, in many ways, a 19th century man who believed in the inevitability of human progress, the superiority of American institutions, and the unlimited potential of unrestrained individualism. But Wright was, indeed, an innovator. Here is a list of present-day commonplaces he experimented with, invented or popularized: corner and casement windows, built-in lighting and furniture, air conditioning and fireproofing, dry wall construction, prefabrication, radiant heating, the elimination of attics and cellars, increased fenestration, cantilivering, overhanging eaves, concrete block construction, horizontal orientation, and, of course, the open plan. Wright, it is said, had a grand manner. For that reason, he did not succeed in forming "a school" of architects to carry on his work. But he left a legacy to those architects who are willing to shatter precedent and tradition.

MODEL: If you are a creator, don't be afraid to think new thoughts. Then be courageous enough to go out and make them happen.

Your Birthday Today:

June 8
Day of the Zealot

Responsible, Skillful, Distinct

Socially clumsy, Anxious, Too eager

Ivory tower. If you were born on June 8, you are a thinker of the highest magnitude in both the arts and sciences. You are highly talented, but can be a bit eccentric and have an easily bruised ego. Ruled by the number 8 and the planet Saturn, you are very serious and seem cold to some.

Brash. You barge through the world without considering the consequences of your actions or being very diplomatic. This can cause adversity and setbacks. If you are a creative type, you occasionally feel the need to withdraw and recharge your batteries. But you mustn't lose touch with the world completely. Find a social activity you enjoy and dive into it.

Picky but loyal. You have a tendency to be judgmental and preachy, not allowing others the latitude you expect for yourself. When it comes to loyalty, however, you do practice what you preach, even to the point of feeling over-guilty for things you cannot control. In your family you show a strong sense of responsibility and weather the storm well in hard times.

The trouble with success. Though your destiny may include a rise to the top, you may not handle the pressure and criticism well. You must either toughen your armor and learn to deal with others gracefully or find a level of responsibility you can handle and be content. Your tendency to withdraw will not work in this sphere; when you sever all lines of communication, the stress from those around you only worsens.

Some advice: The standards you set may be too high for yourself and others. You are not a judge, nor the morality police. Live and let live. It's ok to be happy and content with your position in life. Don't drive yourself into the ground.

Also born on this day: Alexis Smith (actress) Bruce McCandless (US astronaut) Bo Widerberg (Swedish director) LeRoy Neiman (painter) Frank Lloyd Wright (architect, designer) Robert Schuman (German composer, critic) Sir Francis Crick (co-discoverer of DNA) Robert Stevenson (Scottish engineer) John Diebold (Diebold Group founder) Joan Rivers (comedienne, tv host) Boz Scaggs (singer, songwriter) Sarah Paretsky (detective writer) Grant Lewi (astrologer, author)