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S A I N T S   &   B I R T H D A Y   P A G E

March 12, 1997

Saint Of The Day:

St. Gregory the Great

St. Gregory the Great was named a Doctor of the Church, a title given to very few popes. But Gregory is notable (yes, "great") on several other counts. He was elected pope by a democratic vote of the people and the clergy of Rome in the year 590. This is a piece of history that heartens liberal Catholics who want to see modern popes made more accountable to the people they serve by having to go through the democratic process called an election.

While pope, Gregory wrote a book called "Cura Pastoralis" on the duties of bishops to be good servants to their people. It was a work that was popularized by St. Augustine in England (using a translation by King Alfred himself), and promoted in France by Charlemagne. Gregory often emptied the papal treasury to ransom captives taken in war by the Lombards, to help victims of the plague, and to come to the aid of persecuted Jews.

Model:Gregory's management style. He was in charge, but he used his authority not to dominate, but to serve the people-at-large, especially the poorest and most unfortunate.

Your Birthday Today:

March 12

Day of the Risk Taker

Bold, Unwavering, Visionary

Careless, Unstable, Flaky

Armored. If you were born on March 12, you are a determined individual who can take all of life's hard knocks and turn it into wisdom. You thrive on the struggle, the challenge of overcoming obstacles. Ruled by the number 3 and the planet Jupiter, you follow your calling with enthusiasm and have a good chance at material fortune.

10 things at once. You have a strong idea of what kind of person you should be. But you still must stay directed, since your multi-talented nature may leave you scattered. If you find this happening, try to focus on activities within one profession.

To boldly go. You are not frightened of risky ventures and boldly leap into situations others would avoid. You feel that the big rewards go to those who take the big risks. Or maybe you just like the danger or controversy. You secretly enjoy being the scandalous one, the topic for gossip, though you act like you just want to be left alone.

Spiritually speaking. You believe in other worlds, other planes of existence, but you try to present a very practical image. In your heart you know that all life is transitory. Whether religious or not, you realize there are timeless truths and universal forces behind the fret and toil of everyday life. If you have intellectual leanings, you may be an excellent abstract thinker.

Advice for the bold ones: Don't get carried away in your other worlds. Try to find balance with the practical world. Learn to trust others and share both your strengths and weaknesses.

Also born on this day:
Liza Minnelli (singer, actress) Jack Kerouac (beat poet) Edward Albee (Pulitzer prize winning playwright) Andrew Young (Atlanta Mayor) James Taylor (singer, songwriter) Al Jarreau (jazz singer) Paul Kantner (singer, songwriter, guitarist Jefferson Airplane) Walter Schirra (Gemini VI astronaut) Darryl Strawberry (baseball outfielder, rookie-of-the-year) Giovanni Agnelli (Fiat chairman) Georges Delerue (French film composer) Dale Murphy (baseball outfielder) Annette Adams (first woman US Appellate judge)