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S A I N T S   &   B I R T H D A Y   P A G E

March 14, 1997

Saint Of The Day:

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein. In 1905, this young scientist (he was only 25) came up with his Theory of Relativity, and, by his own account, never stopped thinking about its implications for the rest of his life. No one produced a more profound intellectual revolution in our physical and philosophical conceptions about the nature of radiation, of atomic phenomena, and of space and time. The five learned papers he wrote in 1905 set t he research agenda for theoretical physics for the rest of the century. He was born in Ulm, Germany, on March 14, 1879, graduated from the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland, failed to obtain a teaching position, and found work as a patent examiner in Berne, while earning a Ph.D. in physics in his spare time. Then, after his 5 papers, came international acclaim, and university appointments at Zurich, Prague and Berlin. In 1933, he and his family fled Nazism for the U.S., where he found a post at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton, NJ. He died April 18, 1955. Einstein had an otherworldly air, but he had intense social concerns. H e was an early peace advocate. After Hiroshima, Einstein said, "The bomb has changed everything in the world except our way of thinking it." It was widely interpreted as a call for nuclear disarmament. For all the Web sites that deal with the life and wisdom of Einstein, see

Model: Einstein's vast respect for both science and religion, both of which deal with mystery.

Your Birthday Today:

March 14

Day of the Relative

Flexible, Kind, Accepting

Wishy-washy, Indifferent, Noncommittal

Places, everyone. If you were born on March 14, you understand your position in relation to others. Your role in a family or social group gives structure to your daily life. Ruled by the number 5 and the speedy planet Mercury, you are sensitive to smells, colors and other stimuli.

Your opinion. When it comes to ideas, you are open to many approaches and do not look favorably upon rigid points-of-view. Changing your mind is not a problem. Even if you have held certain principles dear your whole life, you are open to changing them if the right arguments are presented.

Higher powers. If more mature, you are able to think on many levels simultaneously, be they emotional, physical or spiritual. You are also fascinated by the ties between the immediate world and the eternal, unchanging universe. You do believe in some absolute power, be it God, science or humankind, but you battle your whole life to figure out where you stand. You recognize that even the simplest idea can be viewed from many different sides.

An independent thinker. You don't rush to jump on the bandwagon and risk appearing aloof and superior to others. You have a great sense of humor and are not hesitant to express your opinions, but you are somewhat shy of offering deep friendship. Maybe you fear your objectivity will be compromised.

Teacher's pet. On a personal level, you are easy-going and open-minded, again realizing that anyone can be right, depending on your view. But that doesn't mean you can't get yourself in trouble by playing favorites among family members.

Some advice: Try not to gush attention on some and ignore others. This can be very hurtful. Use your analytical skills on your own personal development. How can you be a better person?

Also born on this day:
Albert Einstein (Theory of Relativity) Paul Ehrlich (founder of modern chemotherapy) Frank Borman (astronaut, airline exec) Georg Telemann (most prolific composer of all time) Quincy Jones (musician, composer, producer, record exec) Diane Nemerov Arbus (photographer) Michael Caine (actor) Sylvia Beach (first to publish Joyce's Ulysses) Johann Strauss, Sr. (Austrian composer, conductor) Billy Crystal (comedian, actor) Osa Helen Leighty Johnson (explorer, filmmaker) Max Sculman (comic novelist)