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S A I N T S   &   B I R T H D A Y   P A G E

March 20, 1997

Saint Of The Day:
Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton died on this date exactly 270 years ago, March 20, 1727. He was an English mathematician and physicist, who brought the scientific revolution of the 17th century to its climax by establishing the principal outlines of the system of natural science that has since dominated Western thought. In mathematics, Newton was the first person to develop calculus. In optics, he established the heterogeneity of light and the periodicity of certain phenomena. In mechanics, his three laws of motion became the foundation of modern dynamics, and from them he derived the law of universal gravitation, a law that bound terrestrial and celestial motion together in a synthesis of stunning generality. . Newton was born on Jan. 4, 1643, in Lincolnshire. When he was a student at Trinity College, Cambridge, he largely ignored the established curriculum of the university to pursue his own interests: mathematics and natural philosophy. Proceeding entirely on his own, Newton investigated the latest developments in 17th-century mathematics and the new natural philosophy that treated nature as a complicated machine. Almost immediately, he made fundamental discoveries that laid the foundation of his career in science. The publication of the Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica in 1687 marked an epoch in the history of science. Like all of us, Newton had his dark side. In his later years, he became embroiled in a number of controversies. The English philosopher and physicist Robert Hooke claimed that Newton had stolen from him a central idea of his Principia: that bodies attract each other with a force that varies inversely as the square of their distance. When he became president of the Royal Society in 1703, he undertook to force the immediate publication of the astronomical observations of the Astronomer Royal, John Flamsteed, which Newton needed to perfect his own lunar theory. He also engaged in a violent dispute with Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz over priority in the invention of calculus, using his position as president of the Royal Society to have a committee of that body investigate the question and then produce a report (secretly written by none other than Newton himself) which charged Leibniz with deliberate plagiarism.

MODEL: Newton is something of an anti-hero. You'll be a better person if you don't model yourself on Newton. Don't be so proud of your own work that you can't give others credit. In fact, if you don't worry over who gets the credit, you'll accomplish much more in the few years you have to work on this planet.

Your Birthday Today:

March 20

Day of Indecision

Rational, Versatile, Receptive

Unrealistic, Depressive, Uncertain

The end or beginning? If you were born on March 20, you have a very symbolic birthday: the last day of winter and the end of the astrological year. Consequently, you are a highly evolved person but still may have problems starting things or leaving the past behind. Ruled by the number 2 and the moon, you can follow someone else's lead for awhile but may grow resentful.

Get practical. Your dreaminess an unbridled optimism has its charm, but can also lead you to trouble. You tend to be unrealistic and often bite off more than you can chew. Finding your true calling and a grounded mate may help you stay on a more practical path.

Multi-faceted. You have many talents in many different areas, which may make you indecisive about your occupation or path in life. You are also prone to hero worship, often at the expense of your self-image. You may unconsciously undervalue your own talents, thinking, "Gee, I'll never be as talented as them, so I must be pond scum."

The big D. Watch out for the deep hole of depression. Though others may not be able to pull you out, the support of friends and family can really help. Improving your assertiveness and self-concept won't hurt either.

The supernatural. You may have a great interest in psychic phenomena, but should beware of going overboard. Such otherworldy wanderings can cause you to slip out of reality and away from family, friends and your responsibilities

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