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March 22, 1997

Saint Of The Day:
Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards, who died on this date in 1758 at Princeton, New Jersey, was the greatest theologian of American Puritanism, or Calvinism. The Rev. Edwards accepted the central Calvinistic doctrines of absolute divine sovereignty and predestined eternal salvation or damnation. He became widely known as powerful preacher in pre-Revolutionary New England where the only entertainment was, often enough, a rousing sermon. In 1751, he left his pastorate in Connecticut and became a missionary to the Indians, at Stockbridge, Mass., where he wrote and published (in 1754) A Careful and Strict Inquiry into the Modern Prevailing Notions of that Freedom of the Will. (He didn't much believe in free will.) In 1758, he wrote The Great Christian Doctrine of Original Sin Defended. (He did believe in original sin.) For a year before he died, he served as president of the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University.)

MODEL: Well, Puritanism is not much in vogue these days. In fact, much the opposite. In a moment in history when Howard Sterrn and his ilk are broadcasting their sleaze morning, noon and night, we might try a touch of Puritianism. Try to go through this day without talking dirty.

Your Birthday Today:

March 22
Day of the Sure Thing

Enthusiastic, Focused,

Arrogant, Callous, Overconfident

Never say die. If you were born on March 22, you have an attitude that says you won't be denied. You don't brag this to the world, you just have a kind of quiet self-assured quality. Ruled by the number 4 and the planet Uranus, you can be eccentric and erratic.

Success at any price. Since you are not easily discouraged or led astray, you could be successful in business, hacking your way through the corporate jungle. If not business, your untiring determination may focus on goals involving the family, a hobby or other interests.

Transparent. Unlike most people on this planet, you are what you appear to be, so you get irritated when others try to analyze you or question your motives. Because you are so frank, you despise pretense, double-dealing and manipulation from others. Diplomacy is not your strong point.

A hero in your own mind. You have this valiant ideal in your head that you try to emulate. It may not be full-blown Sir Gallahad, but more of a quiet, protective valor that wins the hearts of friends and family. People describe you as very dependable.

One path. Once you have discovered your true calling, you and other March 22 folks generally stick to that path for the rest of your lives. Other interests may branch off from this path, but the connection remains. Abrupt reversals and career changes are not in your nature.

Some advice: You will find career fulfillment if you are able to look at your work critical and improve it. If not, you'll just blunder on, wondering why success is so elusive. Try a little patience and diplomacy with others.

Also born on this day: Anthony Van Dyck (Flemish painter) Marcel Marceau (French mime) Ruth Page (ballet dancer) Robert Andrew Millikan (Nobel Prize, electricity and light) Agnes Martin (painter) George Benson (jazz guitarist, singer) Chico Marx (Marx brothers) William Shatner (actor) Karl Malden (actor) Maximillian I (German 15th c. emperor) Stephen Sondheim (composer, lyricist) Andrew Lloyd Webber (stage composer, impresario)