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March 26, 1997

Saint Of The Day:

Sojourner Truth

This year, 1997, is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Sojourner Truth. No one exactly knows on what day she was born in 1797, but she was born a slave and died as free as an angel, celebrated as a saint by her five children and by the hundreds of thousands who heard her preach against slavery and for women's rights over the length and breadth of the land. In 1828, she went to court to win the freedom of one of her sons, sold illegally to a Southern plantation owner; it was first time that a black woman had taken a white man to court. She won that suit, and then another, against the same white man, for slander. We recommend a new book on Sojourner Truth by Nell Irvin Painter: Sojourner Truth: A Life A Symbol. It is a scholarly work that brings nineteenth century images of slavery, African-American spirituality, women's experience, American religious movements and social reform into compelling focus. An arresting fact: Sojourner Truth (born a slave in a New York Dutch Calvinist household) could not write. But she projected herself photographically with a series of inexpensive portraits called cartes-de-visites that were popular at the time (in the 1860s). Painter writes that, for Sojourner Truth, "Photographs furnished a new means of communication -- one more powerful than writing. The photographs insist, 'I am a woman.'"

MODEL: Her courage. If you know you're right, don't be a wimp. Stand up for yourself. Be.

Your Birthday Today:

March 26
Day of Virtue

Insightful, Accountable, Self-sufficient

Contradictory, Uncertain, Depressive

The simple life. If you were born on March 26, you have a youthful spontaneity and candor. Simplicity is what you look for. You shy away from people or situations that create complexity and difficulties. Ruled by the number 8 and the planet Saturn, you feel responsible to others but may get sidetracked by your own spontaneity.

Wild side. You are aware of your weirdness, but still prefer to do things your own way, even though others may find them off kilter. To your credit, you do have a stable side, one that doesn't break promises or make exaggerated claims about yourself.

Detachment. You like to sit back and quietly view a situation, analyze what may be wrong, and provide an insightful, helpful solution. You might even isolate yourself from life a bit, choosing the desert, mountains or seaside to revitalize. You use this isolation to clear your mind, not dwell on plans or ideas.

Relaxed. You work at your own unhurried pace. Beneath the surface, however, lies that spontaneity, ready to blurt out unexpected thoughts and acts, usually in the form of humor. This provides a welcome break from the tedium of work. Sometimes you can be too laid back and watch more aggressive types surge ahead.

Some Advice : Keep your light, wacky side, but don't just stand by and let the aggressive ones win. Forge ahead with your plans. Show people you are serious.

Also born on this day:
Robert Frost (poet) Sandra Day O'Connor (first woman Supreme Court justice) Joseph Campbell (Jungian mythologist, writer) Wayne Embry (first African-American general manager in US sports) Tennessee Williams (playwright) Pierre Boulez (French composer, conductor) Victor Frankl (existentialist psychiatrist) Diana Ross (singer, Supremes) Leonard Nimoy (actor, director) Teddy Pendergrass (soul singer) James Caan (actor)