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S A I N T S   &   B I R T H D A Y   P A G E

March 28, 1997

Saint Of The Day:
John of Capistrano

John of Capistrano (a town in the Kingdom of Naples, not Southern California) was a curious candidate for Catholic sainthood. First of all, he was a lawyer and a politician. Secondly, he entered the Franciscan Order at the age of 30 only after separating from his wife. Thirdly, he took on an appointment from the pope to serve as an official for the Inquisition in Vienna to fight the stubborn heretics called Hussites. All of this happened in the late medieval era (John was born in 1386 and died in 1456) and toward the end of the Crusades. This man John got caught up in the Crusades, too. He accepted a commission from Pope Pius II to organize the last crusade in 1453, and he helped Hungarian volunteers crush the Turks in a stunning victory at Belgrade. But he and the Hungarian general, Janos Hunyadi, both died of a plague that followed that victory. The plague came on when the victors neglected to bury the corpses of the slain. John of Capistrano was, nevertheless, canonized by the Catholic Church in 1724.

MODEL: If life gets boring, divorce your wife and join a religious order. If that becomes boring, hunt heretics. When that profession palls, become a soldier and go to war. And die. Get it?

Your Birthday Today:

March 28
Day of the Innocent

Autonomous, Good-natured, Attentive

Insecure, Oblivious,

Lost innocent. If you were born on March 28, you offer an innocent face to the world. You like to take your own path in life, but at times are absolutely unaware of where you might be headed. Ruled by the number 1 and the sun , you are strongly individual but may shy away when opportunity arises.

Disinterest. You leave the big questions for others and focus on the job at hand. Having great concentration, you can work even when chaos reigns around you. You seem to serenely accept what fate throws your way, but in reality, you're just not deeply interested. You show the same disinterest for other people's feelings, but you are liked for your openness and sense of humor.

Lone wolf. Although you can be outgoing when you have to, you'd much rather be left alone. Your need for privacy is best reflected in your home, which is fenced and guarded like a fortress. Even if (or especially if) you experience a little fame, you are happiest living off the beaten path.

A follower. You'd like to be first in your profession, but may not have the ruthlessness and backbone to get there. Comfortable with the status quo, you may be happy in a position of lower rank if it offers you some independence. You have the ability but lack the self-confidence to function at the highest levels under intense pressure.

Some Advice : Constantly doubting yourself may be the only thing keeping you down. You have ability, you just need to address your fears and step up to the plate. Planning carefully and having goals may help.

Also born on this day:
Raphael (Italian painter, poet) St. Theresa of Avila (Spanish mystic writer) Maxim Gorky (Russian writer) Rudolph Serkin (pianist) Thad Jones (jazz trumpeter, bandleader, composer) Dirk Bogarde (British actor, writer) Rick Berry (led both NBA & ABA in scoring) Moses Pendleton (choreographer, dancer) Edmund Muskie (US senator, Maine, secretary of state) August Anheuser Busch (beer company owner) Paul Whiteman (conductor, big band leader)