We prefer to call cyberspace electrospace here at FECHA. The prefix "cyber" has become almost meaningless. In the year 101 (102 on 5/7/97) of the Electronic Era, we travel electronically -- electrons comprise the energy flow on the Internet & World Wide Web. From origin to terminal, itís all electrons, so why not call it what it really is: electrospace.

Weddings are nearly as old as Adam and Eve. Ceremonies to mark and celebrate the union of a man and woman permeate recorded history. No matter the culture, language, or geography, the pledges and promises to forsake others, love and honor (and obey) one another until death, is universal among humans. The "priest" who officiates doesnít marry them. Only the couple have the power to marry themselves; he (or she) is just an official witness to their mutual consent. The others present are unofficial witnesses, there to put their communal stamp of approval on the whole thing.

When you have a FECHA wedding, the words of your vows are converted into electrons, and united with the electrons of your bodies for eternity. The words of on-line witnesses are also converted into electronic history.

Thanks to the Internet, anyone wishing to bond forever electronically can invite hundreds (even thousands!) of witnesses to come to the wedding and personally share in the joy of their union. Itís a unique, convenient way for family, friends and anyone in the world to be present. They simply log on, and they are thereóparticipating in, and/or witnessing, the big event.

How does an On-Line Wedding work?

Simple. Itís just like it is in many countries (Mexico, for example). The couple first gets married in a church, then skips over to a government office or courthouse and has a justice of the peace, or other government official, perform and witness the civil ceremony for the record.

Here are the steps (Letís use John and Mariaís wedding as an example.):

1. John and Maria log on to the FECHA wed site, and go to the wedding ceremony page. They fill in there names and hometowns . They can do this side-by-side, or at two different terminals virtually anywhere in the world. Thatís the beauty of cyberspace Ė geography is objectively irrelevant. John could be in London, and Maria in Mexico City.

2. They type their respective responses to the prompts and questions on the ceremony page. Thatís where they can simply make their vows, or choose to amplify on their relationship -- tell where they met, why they fell in love, pledge their fidelity, etc. FECHA members (that, of course, includes anyone in the universe!) who are witnessing this event are encouraged to make their presence known, and show their support to the couple by filling in the proper spaces on the ceremony page, i.e. name of the marriage; their name; and their wishes and comments to the happy couple.

3. FECHA's official witness, Reverend Howard D. Armstrong validates the wedded couple's promises and declares their marriage valid and legal in electrospace. He Then encourages them to follow thought by taking the next step to make the marriage legal in their particular jurisdiction, by going to the nearest justice of the peace, or city hall; getting a marriage license; and securing the required signatures to confirm to the laws governing marriages where they live. Thatís it. Thatís how easy it is to get married On-Line in your very own electrospace Church Ė FECHA.

Enter here for the FECHA On-line Wedding Ceremony