The First Electronic Church of America

Welcome to the FECHA Confessional & Soapbox

    The First Electronic Church of America invites you to find your catharsis in electrospace. We can't give you absolution, of course. Nor will we presume to give you priestly advice. But we will do three things:

  1. We remind you that God is more willing to forgive you your sins than you are able to forgive yourselves. Just ask Him (or Her, if you think of God-as-Mother) and S/He will do it in a New York minute. You don't need this piece of electrospace to do that.
  2. But we do offer this space for those who feel a need for a more overt (yes, even public) form of confession. Tell FECHA your sin (or sins). Please don't give us your real name. You can make up a name, or, as they say, give yourself "a handle." But that isn't necessary. FECHA doesn't capture e-mail addresses, put out "cookies," Java scripts, or do anything else to reveal (much less share) your real identity. The only blank you have to fill is the box below called "Confession or Message."
  3. We have another wrinkle. Members of FECHA can read others' confessions AND MAY ALSO weigh in with their own reflections -- expressions of sympathy, advice on how we can kick our sinful ways, or change our sinful habits. In a way, this electronic forum resembles the kind of circle some of us may have encountered in group therapy, or in encounter groups. There, frequently enough, it wasn't the therapist (or leader) who made the best and most healing interventions, but one or another member of the group itself.